History of Quattrone & Associates 

Looking Ahead 



The roots of the company stated in 1984 as M.W. Morris company. Mr. Morris moved into a partnership with Dave Depew and the two still operate Morris-Depew Associates. After the departure of Mr. Morris the company transitioned into a small civil engineering based firm known as the East Bay Group.


Al Quattrone is a natural entrepreneur and had been looking for opportunities to become a business owner as he worked for East County Water Control District in the late 1990's. In 2000, just before Al's 30th birthday, he and a partner were able to purchase the East Bay Group, then a four employee firm. Within that first year he seized an opportunity to by out his partner, renaming the company Quattrone and Associates by 2001.


Al's diligent and positive nature, tireless work ethic, creativity and intelligence, enabled him to quickly established a reputation for consistently good service and innovative, proactive solutions for commercial, residential and industrial projects. Helping him to succeed were experienced people such as Jim Ottensmann, a 20+ year senior engineer who has been part of the company since the M.W. Morris days, and is still employed by QAI today. After establishing the company, he was able to expand from 4 employees to 8 or 9 in a few years.


During the real estate boom the company was able to become efficient and expand there abilities and services. Word of mouth spread, and as with many firms during those years, business was coming in faster than could be handled. Al saw the opportunity and invested in the business through equipment purchases, project management software, establishing work systems, and most importantly - personnel. He was able to grow to 16 employees and assemble a young, energetic but experienced team, which has proven to be a successful combination. The team has allowed QAI to expand services in planning, permitting, project management, water management, lighting and landscaping.


The latter part of this decade will prove challenging for development related firms. We are optimistic. We are one of the few southwest Florida engineering firms to maintain a steady workload, and who continue to add key employees.We continue to look forward and be a more complete development consulting firm.


Alfred Quattrone, P.E.

Associates & Staff

Lisa Quattrone
Accounting/Office Manager

Sharon Hrabak
Permitting Manager

Tisha Golay
Receptionist & Permitting Assistant

 Joe Mauceri
CADD Technician II


Angelica Hoffert, P.E.
Director of Land Development

Jason White, P.E.
Engineering Director

Michelle Salberg, P.E.
Senior Engineer

Paul Teleweck
Job Description


Sergio Guzman, E.I.
Project Engineer

Mark Aral, E.I.
Project Engineer

Gary Hoffman
Senior CADD Designer

 Rich Batewell
Job Description



Federico Wenk
Senior CADD Designer

Alex Quattrone
Technology and Network Development

Gabriela Rodriguez
CADD Technician II


Open Positions